The Arts Council of Mercer County is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching and strengthening the cultural life in Mercer County by promoting the visual, literary, and performing arts and arts education by developing programs, creating partnerships, and providing support to local and regional artists, artisans, and craftspeople. 

The Arts Council’s purpose is to showcase the impact the arts can have on our community. This is accomplished by providing events that not only entertain, but also enhance the quality of life in and around Mercer County. The Arts Council also provides unique opportunities for artists whose passion is to educate, influence and inspire individuals throughout our community.

As an organization which consists of professionals in the industry we are constantly seeking out new opportunities for artists to benefit and advance the individual, and in turn, the community.

The Arts Council of Mercer County is always on the lookout for passionate, community-minded individuals to be a part of our team. Most arts organizations cannot operate without the assistance of their generous volunteers. Your time and energy not only offers valuable skills and keeps cost low, but also ensures that more money is put back into our community towards quality programs and events.

Some of the volunteer opportunities we have are skill advancing and are a great way for individuals to get involved with the Arts Council. With those opportunities you'll be involved with professionals who have experience in areas of retail, education, event management, presentation and display, marketing, general arts council functions and more. You do not need to be an artist for any of these, but the opportunitiy exists to learn!

Please call 859.613.0790 or email for more information.

We hope to welcome you to the Arts Council team soon! Thank you very much for your support.